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State of the Union 2023: 4 Things Investors Will Watch for as Biden Addresses the Nation


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With plenty of drama to keep President Biden busy, investors will look for clarity for tonight’s State of the Union address.

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Опубликованы фотографии и видео с празднования дня рождения певицы Полины Гагариной

Republican John Cornyn shoots down Trump balloon denialism — and says he believes the Air Force

Raw Story 

WASHINGTON — Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene (R-GA) denied that a spy balloon from China flew over the United States at least three times during President Donald Trump's administration. Greene isn't on the intelligence committee or part of the "Gang of 8," but she's certain that the Pentagon is lying about the U.S. Air Force's report on the 2019 balloon.

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Using environmental DNA for to survey the populations of endangered species


Changes in river systems, overfishing and the appearance of new, invasive species can lead to a drastic decline in the number of native fish inhabiting aquatic ecosystems. In the Ashida river basin in Japan, the bitterling fish (Rhodeus atremius suigensis), which was previously found in abundance, is now facing local extinction. This is concerning, considering that it is recognized as an indicator species for the conservation of fish diversity in freshwater ecosystems.

Truancy Figures Show Need For Real Change


“Almost every aspect of someone's adult life will be defined by the education they receive as a child. If we want better social outcomes, we can’t keep ignoring the truancy crisis,” says ACT’s Education spokesperson Chris Baillie. “RNZ ...

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Москалькова предложила разрешить выдачу российских паспортов за рубежом

С визитом в Москву прибыл министр иностранных дел Ирана

Палочка и выручалочка. Заболеваемость туберкулезом в Москве снизилась