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Новости за 02.04.2024

Solar eclipses throughout history


This upcoming Monday, a solar eclipse will darken skies across the U.S. with more than 31 million Americans in several states living in the so-called "path of totality." The eclipse is a solar phenomenon that has occurred since the beginning of time. CBS News' Lilia Luciano has more.

Common tax filing mistakes and how to avoid them


The tax filing deadline for most Americans is April 15. Pratik Patel, head of family wealth strategies for BMO Family Office, joined CBS News with some helpful advice to avoid common filing mistakes.

White House refuses to put conditions on weapons for Israel after aid workers killed


National Security Council spokesperson John Kirby rebuffed questions Tuesday about the United States' continued military assistance for Israel, even after an IDF strike killed seven World Central Kitchen aid workers in Gaza. "You want us to hang some sort of condition over their neck," Kirby said, "And what I'm telling you is, that we continue to work with the Israelis to make sure that they are as precise as they can be and that more aid is getting in. And we're gonna continue to take that approach."

California bill looks to protect "right to disconnect" after work hours are over


Workers in California who are sick of work calls and emails after hours might be getting some back-up from the state legislature. A new bill would give workers the right to ignore calls and messages from their bosses until they're back on the clock. It would be the first law of its kind in the U.S., though France already has a similar law on the books and Australia will implement one later this year. California assemblymember Matt Haney proposed the legislation and joined CBS News to talk about it.

Trump pays $175 million bond in fraud case, judge expands gag order in hush money case


Former President Donald Trump will avoid having his assets seized as he appeals the ruling in his civil fraud case after paying a $175 million bond. Meanwhile, the judge in Trump's hush money case has expanded the gag order against the former president. Attorney and CBS News campaign reporter Katrina Kaufman has more on Trump's legal issues.

Crews working to open more alternate channels to Port of Baltimore


Work on two more alternate channels to the Port of Baltimore is underway after the first temporary passageway was established for smaller vessels Monday. It's been one week since the deadly collapse of the Francis Scott Key Bridge closed shipping traffic to the port. CBS News Baltimore investigative reporter Mike Hellgren has more.

World leaders express outrage after Israeli strike kills aid workers


An Israeli airstrike killed seven World Central Kitchen workers in Gaza Monday. Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu said the strike was unintentional. An American and Australian were among the dead and Australia's prime minister has called the act "completely unacceptable." CBS News senior foreign correspondent Holly Williams has more on the strike and Yossi Mekelberg, associate fellow for the Middle East and North Africa Programme at the Chatham House, joined CBS News to discuss the situation.

Cleanup begins after suspected tornado in Oklahoma


A suspected tornado moved through northeast Oklahoma Monday night, knocking out power and damaging some homes northwest of Tulsa. Officials in Tulsa are searching for a woman who may have been swept away during the storms. CBS News correspondent Omar Villafranca has more on the damage and The Weather Channel meteorologist Alex Wallace has a look at the forecast.

Some House Republicans trying to rename D.C. airport after Trump


A group of House Republicans launched a longshot effort to rename Washington Dulles International Airport to honor Donald Trump. The bill would designate the airport as Donald J. Trump International Airport. The effort is highly unlikely to pass, with Republicans holding such a slim majority in the House and Democrats controlling the Senate.

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OpenAI delays release of voice cloning tool


OpenAI's latest feature can clone a human voice using just 15 seconds of audio, but the company has decided to delay the rollout of the feature, called Voice Engine, over fears it could result in the spread of misinformation during this critical election year. Bloomberg News reporter Shirin Ghaffary joined CBS News to discuss Voice Engine.

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