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The EU’s Green Deal is going out with a whimper


Flushed with their successful defense of the watered-down nature restoration law, progressive lawmakers in the European Parliament would have you believe that the Green Deal is alive and well: a misleading narrative at best.

Dinar row remains unresolved as Belgrade-Pristina talks continue in Brussels


Serbs in northern Kosovo reported being unable to withdraw dinars on Tuesday as queues formed outside ATMs, while negotiations between Belgrade and Pristina continued in Brussels over Kosovo’s decision to uphold its constitution and reject the use of any foreign currency other than the euro.

Sardinia a major blow for Meloni and right-wingers ahead of EU election


Five-Star Movement candidate Alessandra Todde winning the regional elections in Sardinia against Fratelli d’Italia’s Paolo Truzzu represents a clear setback for the right wing and the government coalition led by Prime Minister Giorgia Meloni ahead of June’s EU elections.

France hopes other EU countries follow its lead on abortion


France hopes its current debate on having the right to abortion enshrined in the Constitution would inspire its EU counterparts, French Gender Equality and Diversity Minister Aurore Bergé said at the informal meeting of gender equality ministers in Brussels on Tuesday.

Ex-minister leaves Sanchez’s party amid pressure over corruption, keeps MP seat


Spain’s former transport minister José Luis Ábalos announced his resignation from Prime Minister Pedro Sanchez’s Socialist Party (PSOE) on Tuesday but will remain a member of parliament despite revelations that his former aide claimed millions in commissions for supplying face masks during the worst months of the COVID-19 pandemic in 2020.

Germany will host Armenia-Azerbaijan peace talks in Berlin


To resolve the decades-long conflict between the two countries, German Foreign Minister Annalena Baerbock will hold bilateral and trilateral talks with her Armenian and Azerbaijani counterparts on Wednesday and Thursday in Berlin.

One quarter of Gaza’s people one step away from famine, UN says


At least 576,000 people in the Gaza Strip - one quarter of the population - are one step away from famine, a senior UN aid official told the Security Council on Tuesday (27 February), warning that widespread famine could be "almost inevitable" without action.

EU probes Microsoft’s security software practices


The European Commission is probing if Microsoft is preventing customers from relying on certain security software from its competitors, according to a document that regulators sent to at least one rival in January, seen by Reuters.

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