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K2 Black Panther: K2 PIP Upgrade Means This Monster Tank Is Scary Deadly

The National Interest 

Summary: South Korea's K2 Black Panther, a main battle tank (MBT) celebrated for its advanced capabilities and notable as the most expensive armored vehicle at $8.5 million per unit, is set for an upgrade with the K2 Product Improvement Program (PIP). This variant will introduce numerous advancements, further enhancing its combat effectiveness. Initially designed to reduce reliance on foreign military technology and improve domestic arms development, the K2 has achieved significant milestones since its introduction in 2014. Читать дальше...

XM30 Mechanized Infantry Combat Vehicle: Why the U.S. Army Needs This

The National Interest 

Summary: The U.S. Army plans to replace the Bradley Fighting Vehicle (BFV) with the XM30, developed by American Rheinmetall Vehicles and General Dynamics Land Systems, with a prototype expected in late 2024. The BFV, in service since the 1980s, demonstrated capability but vulnerabilities in modern conflicts. The XM30 aims to offer transformative advancements in lethality, survivability, and upgradeability, incorporating a modular open system architecture for future tech integration. This new vehicle... Читать дальше...

Sky-High Unity: Blue Angels and Thunderbirds Train Together for 2024

The National Interest 

Summary: The U.S. Navy's Blue Angels and the U.S. Air Force's Thunderbirds, two premier aerial demonstration teams, are collaborating for a joint training exchange at Naval Air Facility El Centro to enhance interoperability and share best practices ahead of the 2024 show season. This partnership highlights the exceptional skill and dedication of both teams, emphasizing their commitment to precision and teamwork across branches. Marking their fifth consecutive year of joint training, this initiative... Читать дальше...

Constellation-Class Frigates: Meet the Future of U.S. Naval Power

The National Interest 

Summary: The Constellation-class, the U.S. Navy's latest guided-missile frigate, is under construction, aiming to enhance multi-mission capabilities with a design based on the European FREMM. Scheduled for a 2026 commission, the Navy plans to build 20 ships to bolster its fleet against growing maritime threats, notably from China. Winning the bid in 2020, Fincantieri Marinette Marine is constructing the ships to fulfill roles including anti-surface and anti-submarine warfare, convoy defense, and enhanced fleet tactical awareness. Читать дальше...

Rise and Fall of the Akron-Class: America's First Flying Aircraft Carriers

The National Interest 

Summary: Nearly a century ago, the U.S. Navy explored the concept of flying aircraft carriers, resulting in the Akron-class airships, the only ones ever put into service. These airships, designed for reconnaissance and equipped to carry and deploy Curtiss F9C Sparrowhawk fighters, promised a significant advantage in naval warfare. However, susceptibility to weather and catastrophic accidents leading to the loss of both USS Akron and USS Macon ended the program. Despite their potential, these airships... Читать дальше...

Virginia-Class: The Backbone of the U.S. Navy's Submarine Fleet

The National Interest 

Summary: Huntington Ingalls Industries recently launched the USS Massachusetts, the newest U.S. Navy Virginia-class submarine. This advanced vessel is crucial for national security. Designed for open-ocean and coastal missions, it boasts stealth technology and supports Navy SEAL operations. The Virginia-class is the future of the U.S. attack-sub fleet.

Читать дальше...

USS Gerald R. Ford: The Navy Aircraft Carrier The Entire World Is Watching

The National Interest 

Summary: The USS Gerald R. Ford, the world's most advanced aircraft carrier and the first of a new class of supercarriers, completed its inaugural full-length operational deployment, showcasing its capabilities in strategic areas including the Mediterranean, near Israel, and the Red Sea. During this 239-day deployment, the carrier executed 43 replenishments at sea, conducted 10,396 aircraft sorties, and navigated almost 85,000 miles. It carried a complement of advanced aircraft and demonstrated... Читать дальше...

How a $100 Million Submarine 'Sank' a $4.5 Billion U.S. Navy Aircraft Carrier

The National Interest 

Summary: Aircraft carriers, symbolizing national power and strategic mobility, carry hefty price tags, with the USS Gerald R. Ford costing $13 billion. These naval giants, escorted by formidable carrier battle groups, underscore the importance and complexity of modern naval warfare. A striking example of their vulnerability was demonstrated in 2005 when the Swedish HSMS Gotland submarine "sank" the USS Ronald Reagan in a drill, using stealth technology that baffled the U.S. Navy's defenses. This... Читать дальше...

The Navy's Mistake: Building Big Battleships Instead of Battlecruisers

The National Interest 

Summary: The U.S. may have benefited from prioritizing battlecruisers over battleships in the interwar period to enhance its naval agility against Japan in WWII. The Lexington-class battlecruiser's transformation into an aircraft carrier under the Washington Naval Treaty left the U.S. Navy lacking in speed and flexibility. Critics argue that battlecruisers would have supported faster carrier groups more effectively, providing crucial anti-aircraft and surface protection early in the war. Despite this... Читать дальше...

F-15EX Eagle II Fighter Can't Hit Mach 3 Afterall

The National Interest 

Summary: Boeing's F-15EX Eagle II, boasting remarkable aerodynamic efficiency and powered by twin GE F110-GE-229 engines, initially claimed to reach speeds nearing Mach 3. However, Boeing program manager Rob Novotny later corrected this, stating the top speed is Mach 2.497, aligning more closely with the Air Force's official "Mach 2.5-plus" rating. Despite the speed revision, the F-15EX remains a formidable multirole fighter, featuring advanced technology and a significant payload increase over its predecessors. Читать дальше...

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