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The Takeover of the American University

Real Clear World 

Neetu Arnold, Tablet

A massive increase in foreign money and students on American campuses is driving radicalization and subsidizing institutional...

Ignoring China's COVID Role . . . To Our Detriment

Real Clear World 

Jim Geraghty, National Review

We now know that prominent U.S. virologists did not want DARPA and the U.S. government to know what kind of gain-of-function experiments were being done on...

Biden Abandons Christians Abroad

Real Clear World 

Ben Solis, AMAC

Despite purporting to be a devout Catholic, President Joe Biden has said virtually nothing about the rising persecution of Christians around the world - even as his own...

Sweden Is Too Starry-Eyed About NATO

Real Clear World 

Johan Wennström, UnHerd

If the West's reneging on James Baker's promise of "not one inch" of Nato eastward expansion after the 1989 fall of the Berlin Wall ultimately contributed to the...

Sweden Brings Benefits & Questions Into NATO

Real Clear World 

Andrew Dorman, Chatham House

Sweden's membership of NATO cements a relationship that has gradually grown stronger since the end of the Cold War. While Sweden's NATO membership has taken a...

Toward an Autocratic European Union?

Real Clear World 

Adriel Kasonta, The American Conservative

The incumbent EU president has big plans for centralizing power at Brussels.

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Рахимова на турнире в Остине одолела Викмайер в трехчасовом матче 1-го круга

Фильм, снятый в Якутске, занял 1 место на киночемпионате в Москве

Сотрудники на удаленке сейчас есть только в каждой третьей компании Магадана

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