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Leeds Rhinos • Re: Gannon out for the rest of the season

Rugby League Supporters Association Online 

Isn't Bentley out for the same reason as well as Holroyd? While I understand the present caution, the sport will cease to exist unless we find a middle ground. We've got three players out with long term concussion issues on top of the usual wear and tear.

On salary cap, I think you can get exemptions for players ruled out for the year, but no idea on the details. I wouldn't want to knee-jerk sign anyone though, and we need a prop far more than a back row.

Statistics: Posted by Once were Loiners ... Читать дальше...

Bradford Bulls • Re: Doro

Rugby League Supporters Association Online 

smiffythebull wrote:

Few more to follow apparently , all the 1 years signings.. Doro has been a revelation this season, massive loss. Hope we can keep Fulton Ott and Sauter but cant see them staying if SL come calling.. Listened to Gamecaller today and went away feeling angry, also first time I have heard him mention us missing out on a place in SL multiple times during the vlog.. does he know something we dont ?

Every year it’s expected we are losing a mass of players tbh... Читать дальше...

Wakefield Trinity • Oliver Russell

Rugby League Supporters Association Online 

PopTart wrote:

Because here he's competing with part timers.
There he's playing against Lomax and Williams.

They almost cancel each other out imo. He's been playing against those guys for a bit now & if he comes early he can start what can be a lengthy period bedding in with the team and getting to know how to play with the other half you're paired with. Swings and roundabouts.

Statistics: Posted by Shifty Cat — Tue May 21, 2024 10:32 pm — Replies 32 — Views 4131

Warrington Wolves • So... What end are we in??

Rugby League Supporters Association Online 

This report can't be right surely? Good to hear sales have started well for Warrington but surely there were more than 5,000 at Wembley in 2019?

https://www.warringtonguardian.co.uk/sp ... l-tickets/

Statistics: Posted by MadDogg — Tue May 21, 2024 10:22 pm — Replies 6 — Views 1119

Leeds Rhinos • Transfer Talk / Rumour thread V4

Rugby League Supporters Association Online 

Maguire is NSW coach so not available - I'm not sure any NRL club would want him now, he's got a pretty toxic reputation.

Arthur and Demetriou would be good options but not right away. After years coaching in the NRL, especially Arthur, you wouldn't want them to go straight into a job like Leeds without some time away from the game. It wouldn't be healthy for them and wouldn't be beneficial to us.

Statistics: Posted by MjM — Tue May 21, 2024 10:20 pm — Replies 9073 — Views 1842794

Warrington Wolves • Bottle Throwing

Rugby League Supporters Association Online 

MjM wrote:

Stewards are not there to enforce security or deal with people breaking the law, they are there for safety and crowd control. They are specifically not supposed to get involved in incidents: they are not trained to do it and its unreasonable to ask them to put themselves in harms way. That's what stadium security and the Police are there for.

Trying to in any way shift blame from the individuals involved onto people working at the stadium is just wrong.

I... Читать дальше...

Doncaster RLFC • Halifax v Dons Sunday 26/5/24 3pm

Rugby League Supporters Association Online 

Halifax's last six league games:

7th April: Batley (H) Won 18-10
14th April: Widnes (A) Lost 40-14
21st April: Sheffield (H) Lost 46-0
28th April: Swinton (H) Lost 28-12
5th May: Fev (A) Lost 36-16
19th May: York (A) Lost 40-18

My bookmakers prediction: Dons to give Halifax 14 points start.

Halifax have conceded 33 points, on average, in their last six whilst scoring 13 on average.

Statistics: Posted by Double Movement — Tue May 21, 2024 8:41 pm — Replies 0 — Views 43

Wakefield Trinity • Whitehaven

Rugby League Supporters Association Online 

Only 5 days to the game and we haven't even started a thread on it yet
Anyone going....are we likely to struggle again like we did against Swinton...any of our injured players returning ??

Statistics: Posted by FIL — Tue May 21, 2024 7:49 pm — Replies 5 — Views 490


Rugby League Supporters Association Online 

it's who turns up.on the day.
I think it's that simple

Statistics: Posted by tad rhino — Tue May 21, 2024 7:08 pm — Replies 1733 — Views 157120

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