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How Shota Imanaga’s Cubs Contract Is Both Great AND Worrisome


Even through this tough stretch of baseball, the Chicago Cubs remain a contender in the National League, mostly because Shota Imanaga gets handed the baseball every fifth day. Nobody could have predicted how important he would be to this team, but here we are. Imanaga chose Chicago as his destination to come over from Japan […]

Tyrique Stevenson Revealed How Cutthroat Matt Eberflus Can Be


Matt Eberflus has said that for the Chicago Bears to regain their place among the NFL’s best, everybody in the organization must be held to a high standard. There can be zero exceptions. If somebody isn’t doing their job according to that standard, they better not expect to be around long. Even two of his […]

The Player Happiest To See Shane Waldron Reportedly Isn’t Who You Think


Shane Waldron was brought in by the Chicago Bears to improve the offense across the board. Most believed Matt Eberflus’ primary goal was to have somebody who could develop a young quarterback. Waldron brings plenty of such experience. He was in L.A. when the Rams turned Jared Goff into a Pro Bowler. Then, he helped […]

Chicago Bears Get More Discouraging News On The Stadium Front


The Chicago Bears unveiled their ambitious plans for a new $4.6 billion stadium complex along the lakefront south of Soldier Field. A video presentation showcased a domed building surrounded by well-crafted landscaping meant to enhance the fan experience. It was an impressive display. However, team president Kevin Warren and his people had to believe Illinois […]

Top Expert Reveals How Chicago Bears Offense Will Be Miami 2.0


No offense has caused defensive coordinators to lose sleep more often in the past two years than the Miami Dolphins. Not only do they have a ton of speed at their skill positions, but they also have one of the innovative play callers in head coach Mike McDaniel. One of the strategies he uses more […]

Answer Finally Revealed Why Bears Want Ryan Bates At Center


It was a surprise when the Chicago Bears sent a 5th round pick to the Buffalo Bills for Ryan Bates. Everybody remembered how the team tried signing him as a restricted free agent in 2022. That didn’t pan out. Two years later, GM Ryan Poles smelled an opportunity to get somebody he had a high […]

ESPN Ranked Caleb Williams’ Supporting Cast Vs. Previous #1 Picks


Since the NFL draft came into being in 1936, a quarterback has been selected #1 overall 36 times. Caleb Williams was the latest among that number. However, this time feels different compared to the others. That is because the Chicago Bears held the pick. They were not the garden variety team holding the top pick […]

The White Sox Should Trade These Players At The Deadline


It seems that the White Sox are open for business, as there have been numerous reports that note nobody is off limits in a trade. Bob Nightingale reported that the White Sox are expected to trade Tommy Pham, Michael Kopech, Eloy Jimenez, among others. Those are some notable names and the White Sox could get […]

Former Player Believes Chicago Bears Have A Secret Weapon


The Chicago Bears have done terrific work improving their roster over the past two years. GM Ryan Poles has assembled a core of talent with a good chance of finally getting this team back into the playoff picture. Montez Sweat, Jaylon Johnson, Tremaine Edmunds, T.J. Edwards, D.J. Moore, and Keenan Allen make up a veteran […]

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