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Agassi, Federer congratulate Sinner: 'If the universe had a tennis tournament, Earth would pick you'


pa href='https://www.atptour.com/en/players/jannik-sinner/s0ag/overview'Jannik Sinner/a joined one of the most prestigious groups in tennis on Monday when he became the 29th player to rise to No. 1 in the history of the PIF ATP Rankings./p

pThe 22-year-old is the first Italian to rise to top spot. A host of former World No. 1rsquo;s, including a href='https://www.atptour.com/en/players/andre-agassi/a092/overview'Andre Agassi/a, a href='https://www.atptour.com/en/players/roger-federer/f324/overview'Roger Federer/a and a href='https://www.atptour.com/en/players/andy-roddick/r485/overview'Andy Roddick/a, shared words of praise to celebrate the Italianrsquo;s achievement./p

pldquo;Hey Jannik, Andre here. Let me be one of the many to congratulate you on being the No. 1 tennis player in the world. That is one heck of an achievement and I canrsquo;t think of anybody that deserves it more than you,rdquo; Agassi said. ldquo;Herersquo;s kind of a cool way to look at it. If the universe had a tennis tournament, Earth would pick you. How cool is that? Enjoy.rdquo;/p

pFederer spent a record 237 consecutive weeks at No. 1 from 2004 to 2008./p

pldquo;Hey Jannik. Many congratulations also from my side to become World No. 1,rdquo; Federer said. ldquo;I think this for me personally maybe the ultimate achievement and I am sure you are incredibly happy and you should be so proud. Irsquo;m sure also Italy is loving you right now as they should being the first Italian player ever to be World No. 1. It is incredible. I couldnrsquo;t be happier for you. You are a great person, great player and I wish you only the best for the future Jannik. Take care, Irsquo;ll see you soon.rdquo;/p

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p lang="en" dir="ltr"The No.1 club called, and the former No.1rsquo;s are so glad you answered, Jannik ❤️br /

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Hard work and perseverance got him here, and now the legends of the game unite to welcome their newest member????a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/S1NNER?src=hashamp;ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw"#S1NNER/a | a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/PIF?src=hashamp;ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw"#PIF/a | a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/ATPRankings?src=hashamp;ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw"#ATPRankings/a | a href="https://twitter.com/hashtag/partner?src=hashamp;ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw"#partner/a a href="https://t.co/Ko1nd6Ij8t"pic.twitter.com/Ko1nd6Ij8t/a/p

mdash; ATP Tour (@atptour) a href="https://twitter.com/atptour/status/1800234652721914247?ref_src=twsrc%5Etfw"June 10, 2024/a/blockquote

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pRoddick was the ATP Year-End No. 1 presented by PIF in 2003 after he won his only major at that year's a href='https://www.atptour.com/en/tournaments/us-open/560/overview'US Open/a. The American shared words of encouragement to Sinner./p

pldquo;a href='https://www.atptour.com/en/players/jannik-sinner/s0ag/overview'Jannik Sinner/a, congratulations,rdquo; Roddick said. ldquo;I just wanted to give a huge shoutout on this monumental accomplishment. I know that it takes a lifetime of work and I also know that the Tour never stops. I hope you find a little bit of time to sit back and take in what yoursquo;ve accomplished, getting to No. 1 in the World. Wow, I promise you no one can ever take it away from you./p

pldquo;From where I sit, it has been an absolute pleasure to watch the way that you act, the way that yoursquo;ve improved, the way that you strive for greatness already at such a young age. I hope to see many, many, many more years of it and please give our best to your team because we also know that no one can do it alone, but congrats and I hope you take some time and really soak it in.rdquo;/p

pa href='https://www.atptour.com/en/players/bjorn-borg/b058/overview'Bjorn Borg/a was the fourth man to climb to No. 1 when he reached the pinnacle of the sport in 1977. The legendary Swede won 11 major titles and was ranked in the worldrsquo;s year-end Top 10 across eight straight seasons between 1973 and 1981./p

pldquo;In 1973 when the ATP Rankings came out the big thing was to be the No. 1 player in the world,rdquo; Borg said. ldquo;Thatrsquo;s one of the most important things. And I have to say, Jannik, you are the No. 1 player in the world and congratulations to you because I know how difficult it is to be the best player in the world and I hope yoursquo;re going to stay for a long time. I know you have a new generation coming after you, but you made a point and hope yoursquo;re going to stay for many weeks to come.rdquo;/p



pa href='https://www.atptour.com/en/players/yevgeny-kafelnikov/k267/overview'Yevgeny Kafelnikov/a overtook a href='https://www.atptour.com/en/players/pete-sampras/s402/overview'Pete Sampras/a to become No. 1 in May 1999. The 26-time tour-level titlist remained in top spot for six weeks./p

pldquo;I would like to congratulate you with one of the greatest achievements in menrsquo;s tennis, reaching the World No. 1 ranking,rdquo; Kafelnikov said. ldquo;It is a pinnacle that most tennis players only dream about. And I know that all the hard work that yoursquo;ve put in paid off. Personally, I want you to continue to bring excitement to all the Italian fans and the fans all over the world with your game. So enjoy your day. Well done and welcome to the club.rdquo;/p

pa href='https://www.atptour.com/en/players/andy-murray/mc10/overview'Andy Murray/a spent 41 weeks at No. 1, climbing to top spot for the first time in November 2016. The Scot fell to Sinner in their most recent Lexus ATP Head2Head meeting in Dubai in 2022./p

pldquo;Hi Jannik. I just wanted to send a message to say congrats on getting to World No. 1 for the first time,rdquo; Murray said. ldquo;It is very well deserved. You have had an incredible year. I know how difficult it is to get there, but you fully deserve it. Well done and all the best.rdquo;/p

pIcons Guga Kuerten, a href='https://www.atptour.com/en/players/john-mcenroe/m047/overview'John McEnroe/a, a href='https://www.atptour.com/en/players/daniil-medvedev/mm58/overview'Daniil Medvedev/a, a href='https://www.atptour.com/en/players/lleyton-hewitt/h432/overview'Lleyton Hewitt/a, a href='https://www.atptour.com/en/players/patrick-rafter/r255/overview'Patrick Rafter/a, a href='https://www.atptour.com/en/players/jim-courier/c243/overview'Jim Courier/a, a href='https://www.atptour.com/en/players/mats-wilander/w023/overview'Mats Wilander/a, a href='https://www.atptour.com/en/players/boris-becker/b028/overview'Boris Becker/a and a href='https://www.atptour.com/en/players/stefan-edberg/e004/overview'Stefan Edberg/a also sent tributes to 13-time tour-level champion Sinner./p


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