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Indoor Training Sessions

Calgary Hornets Rugby Football Club 

2024 pre-season training for our Senior teams begins January 2nd.

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Man Holds in Sneeze, Rips Open His Windpipe 

Here’s a scary lesson about why you shouldn’t hold in your sneezes. In a case report this month, doctors in the UK describe a man in his 30s who tore open his windpipe by holding his nose and mouth closed while sneezing—apparently the first documented instance of such an injury. Though the man did have to spend some…

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Supreme Court takes up cases on abortion pill, Jan. 6 prosecution law 

The Supreme Court is taking up two major cases, one involving regulation around the abortion drug mifepristone and the other reviewing a ruling involving the breadth of a federal obstruction law used to prosecute defendants in the Jan. 6, 2021, cases. CBS News chief legal correspondent Jan Crawford reports.

Manchester City’s £45m midfielder receives heavy criticism from pundit in Red Star Belgrade win

Caught Offside 

Robbie Savage criticised Kalvin Phillips, blaming the Manchester City midfielder for allowing Red Star Belgrade to score in Wednesday’s Champions League clash. Despite having already qualified for the next round, City won 3-2, with youngster Micah Hamilton scoring on his debut and Phillips receiving a rare start from Pep Guardiola. But,  Savage emphasised that Phillips […]

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BP claws back $40 mln from former CEO Looney - Reuters

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  1. BP claws back $40 mln from former CEO Looney  Reuters
  2. BP Takes Tough Line With Former C.E.O. Over Relationships With Colleagues  The New York Times
  3. BP Docks Former CEO Bernard Looney as Much as $40 Million Over 'Serious Misconduct'  The Wall Street Journal
  4. BP’s former CEO is forfeiting $40 million in severance for misleading company board  CNN
  5. BP pulls back $40 million in pay from former CEO Looney  CNBC

Vivendi Says Studying A Project To Split Activities Into Several Entities 

Paris-based global media and entertainment conglomerate has announced it is studying a project to split its activities into several entities. The group said that since the distribution and listing of Universal Music Group in 2021, it had endured a “high conglomerate discount”, resulting in a valuation less than the sum of its constituent parts, which […]

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Бастрыкин взял дело хирурга, на которого пожаловались пациенты, на контроль

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