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3 Stocks to Ride the Holiday Shopping Wave: Retail Winners for Q4 2023


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There will be retail successes in December here are three companies likely to be retail stock winners as the year comes to an end.

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Intel just called out Nvidia

Digital Trends 

The entire industry is motivated to eliminate the CUDA market, said Intel CEO Pat Gelsinger.

The Shoegaze Revival Hit Its Stride in 2023 

A monkey in the zoo, defiantly staring down passersby. A woman trembling as she reveals her injuries from a horrific car accident. A lovelorn soul eating ice cream and crying. A masked and helmeted man smashing bottles in a rage room. What these otherwise unrelated moments share: They are all …

CPJ calls for a thorough investigation into killing of Mozambican journalist João Chamusse

Committee to Protect Journalists 

New York, December 14, 2023—The Committee to Protect Journalists calls for authorities in Mozambique to thoroughly investigate the killing of journalist João Chamusse outside his home in the KaTembe district in the capital Maputo on Thursday. “CPJ is deeply disturbed by the killing of prominent Mozambican journalist João Chamusse, and we extend our condolences to...

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Виновник гибели крейсера "Москва" оказался за границей? Отец солдата рассказал о своём расследовании

SE Cupp: How the GOP's push to impeach Biden could backfire spectacularly 

In this week's episode of "Unfiltered," SE Cupp looks at the Republicans who have acknowledged the lack of evidence that President Joe Biden committed a crime worthy of impeachment and argues, "It's clear that this is nothing more than political retribution for the two impeachments Democrats launched against former President Donald Trump."

Jonathan Majors: Marvel movie actor awaits verdict in assault case - BBC

Top Stories (uk) - Google News (ru) 

  1. Jonathan Majors: Marvel movie actor awaits verdict in assault case  BBC
  2. Disturbing Jonathan Majors Texts and Audio Released in Court: ‘I’m a Great Man’ and ‘Doing Great Things for My Culture and the World’  Variety
  3. New Jonathan Majors Audio Recording Is One More Reason Disney Needs To Recast Kang  Forbes
  4. Jonathan Majors trial - live: Jury sent out for deliberation on Marvel star's charges  The Independent
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Спорт в России и мире

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Полина Кудерметова проиграла Плишковой в первом круге турнира WTA в Руане

В Москве пройдут соревнования по триатлону ЛИГА ТРИАТЛОНА & IRONSTAR МОСКВА ЛУЖНИКИ 2024. Фестиваль спорта состоится в это воскресенье – 21 апреля

Маркетплейс Wildberries решил торговать автомобилями

Откровенные сцены, эмиграция в США, жизнь в хостеле, работа экстрасенсом: где актриса Александра Колкунова

Курсанты университета МВД им. Кикотя стали призерами чемпионата и первенства  Москвы по легкоатлетическому кроссу