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‘White Lotus’ Star Simona Tabasco Still Thinks Lucia Is in Love With Albie: She’s ‘Pure at Heart’


SPOILER ALERT: This interview contains spoilers for Season 2 of “The White Lotus,” now streaming on HBO Max. If “The White Lotus” were a competition show (much like, let’s say, Mike White’s alma mater “Survivor”), there would be two irrefutable winners: Mia (Beatrice Grannò) and Lucia (Simona Tabasco), the cunning locals who, using their sexuality, successfully […]

halachic state

Paper Blog 

It is one thing, and understandable, for people like Netanyahu and others in the Likud to try to calm people down and say they wont allow it to turn into a halachic state. They dont want that either.
What I dont get is the campaign from UTJ and Shas and DL parties saying it. Isnt that what they want? And if they do not want it, why not? Arent they not fully invested in the State just because it isnt and their ultimate goal would be to turn it into a halachic state? Why are they trying to calm... Читать дальше...

Argentina vs Croatia (66 replies)

Small Heath Alliance 

Less than half hour to go until kick off. yet itv are obsessing over England. Can they actually talk about the actual game tonight

Legendary footballers move the sport forward in Africa


Former footballers Lucas Radebe, Daniel Amokachi and Derek Boateng all represented their teams in the World Cup. Now, these playmakers are giving back to their communities by coaching, mentoring and scouting the next generation of African footballers.

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Захарова: западные режимы «изошли пеной» после вступительных слов Путина и Си в Кремле

How to manage holiday season stress


A greater number of Americans expect to feel more stressed this holiday season compared with last year. CBS News chief medical correspondent Dr. Jonathan LaPook joins CBS News' Lana Zak and Elaine Quijano with tips on how to handle holiday stress.

Family of girl who drowned grateful for local support


Support continues to grow for the family of a local girl who drowned on vacation the day before her 18th birthday. Danielle Marceline's mother Christine is now opening up about what happened, and her gratitude for the community's help.

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Александр Зинченко

Александр Зинченко – в старте "Арсенала" на матч со "Спортингом"

«США все поняли»: генерал Попов предупредил Пентагон об ответе Москвы на появление B-52 у границ России

Собянин: Самый длинный эскалатор БКЛ находится на станции «Марьина Роща»

Семьи Хабаровского края могут принять участие во проекте «Многодетная Россия»

Американские авиакомпании обиделись на своих конкурентов...