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COVID: Countries with new testing requirements for passengers from China concerned about lack of transparency


Moves by several countries to mandate COVID-19 tests for passengers arriving from China reflect global concern that new variants could emerge in its ongoing explosive outbreak — and that the government may not inform the rest of the world quickly enough. There have been no reports of new variants to date. But China has been accused of not being forthcoming about the virus since it first surfaced in the country in late 2019. The worry is that it may not be sharing data now on any signs of evolving... Читать дальше...

Pelé, Brazil's 'king of soccer,' dies at 82 - The Washington Post


  1. Pelé, Brazil's 'king of soccer,' dies at 82  The Washington Post
  2. Pelé, transcendent soccer superstar and Brazilian ‘national treasure,’ dies at 82  Yahoo Sports
  3. Brazilian football icon Pele has died at the age of 82  Sky News
  4. Opinion | Pelé Will Live Forever  The New York Times
  5. Why Pele was the GREATEST footballer of all time  Daily Mail
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Leeds Rhinos • Re: Who's gonna finish where? 2023 predictions.

Rugby League Supporters Association Online 

1-4 Saints Leeds Wigan Huddersfield in any given order. Think 2 games for Saints in Oz combined with travelling will curtail their early season.
5 Catalan
6 Warrington
7-9 Salford Hull Cas in any order
10-12 Hull KR Leigh Wakefield in any order.

Statistics: Posted by RogerMoore — Thu Dec 29, 2022 8:58 pm

White House lawyer snubs Republican request for documents for now - Reuters


  1. White House lawyer snubs Republican request for documents for now  Reuters
  2. House GOP takes aim at White House for ignoring oversight requests  Fox News
  3. White House tells GOP chairmen they'll have to restart oversight requests when new Congress begins  CNN
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Новости России

Захарова: западные режимы «изошли пеной» после вступительных слов Путина и Си в Кремле

Artificial Intelligence is having a moment

NPR (npr.org) 

The power of AI has been on full display on social media, with ChatGPT and Lensa going viral. As AI becomes more mainstream, concerns about misinformation, privacy and bias are becoming louder.

How to start a practice of mindfulness

NPR (npr.org) 

For NPR's Life Kit, Shereen Marisol Meeraji speaks with Jon Kabat-Zinn, the founder of mindfulness-based stress reduction, about how to manage stress, uncertainty and difficulties using mindfulness.

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Индиан-Уэллс (WTA). Елена Рыбакина впервые победила Арину Соболенко и завоевала трофей

В Александрове осудили дачного воришку за 18 краж

Актер Михаил Тарабукин пойдет под суд за езду в нетрезвом виде

Интерактивная карта возраста домов в разных городах России

Волоколамский округ вошел в программу повышения надежности электроснабжения