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NEW Hunter Biden Docs!

Judicial Watch 

Top Headlines of the Week Press Releases Judicial Watch: Secret Service Has Repeatedly Changed Story on Existence of Hunter Biden Gun Records Judicial Watch announced recently that the United States Secret Service has repeatedly changed its position about whether it is in possession of records related to the investigation of Hunter Biden’s gun, reportedly disposed […]

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A Portal Into Hell

All At Sea 

Ganesh, our 1981 43-foot Wauquiez ketch, is a very commodious, very livable cruising vessel. Even better, her comfy aft cabin is a bit of a Tardis—bigger on the inside than the outside. Few sailing vessels under 55 feet LOA sport such a posh aft cabin. 

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Special counsel subpoenas Georgia Secretary of State 


The special counsel appointed to investigate former President Trump at the Department of Justice subpoenaed Georgia Secretary of State Brad Raffensperger. The subpoena is not a request asking him to appear or testify in person, it is a request to provide documents.


Red and White Kop 

Quote from: Fabulous_aurelio on Today at 08:40:28 pm

He doesn't know anything anymore. All the local journos got cut off when the Virgl shit happened in that summer. Except for Joyce.

Funnily enough, wasn't it Kevin Palmer that got the scoop on Virgil?

Leeds Rhinos • best leeds super league team

Rugby League Supporters Association Online 

Whatever I put for the last 10 preseasons

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Cowboys sign T.Y. Hilton


The Cowboys have signed a veteran free agent wide receiver, but it isn’t Odell Beckham Jr. The team announced the signing of longtime Colts star T.Y. Hilton on Monday. Hilton’s deal will run through the end of this season. Hilton spent the last 10 years with the Colts, but has been out of football since [more]

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В Саратове сотрудники Росгвардии задержали гражданина, подозреваемого в незаконном обороте наркотических средств

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Даниил Медведев

Даниил Медведев в двух сетах обыграл Фрэнсиса Тиафо в полуфинале турнира в Индиан-Уэллсе

В Александрове осудили дачного воришку за 18 краж

Интерактивная карта возраста домов в разных городах России

Педиатрических участков в Мытищах стало больше

Актер Михаил Тарабукин пойдет под суд за езду в нетрезвом виде