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Best Estonian books in translation in 2023

Err.ee (en) 

This year's roundup of new Estonian literature in translation includes an eccentric artist's book of poetry on the edge of "irony and agony," a historical novel tracing the life of an Estonian strongwoman who became the first foreign female sumo wrestler in Imperial Japan, the first English translation of an autobiographical love story told from a stove-heated "poor writer's house" in Tallinn, and a story about devil's attempt to live a righteous life on an Estonian farm, now in Croatian. See the full list below!

FIFA (All Versions) Career Mode Stories


I couldn’t find a FIFA 19 Career Mode thread so thought it would be interesting to share our progress, stories, settings...whatever. As long as it’s related to Career Mode and not that fantasy card trading crap.

I am going to delete all saves and start a fresh one I think so I can look back at this thread and my journey. I’m going to accept that the game throws up easy games at times when form is good, it’s just how it is.

I can’t decide which EFL Championship club to use yet... Читать дальше...

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Pelicans aim to avenge tourney semifinal loss to Lakers

BigNewsNetwork.com (sports) 

(Photo credit: Kyle Terada-USA TODAY Sports) LeBron James turned 39 years old on Saturday. However, the last time he played against the New Orleans Pelicans, he looked much younger. James and the Los Angeles Lakers will visit the Pelicans on Sunday night, the rematch of an NBA in-season tournament semifinal on Dec. 7. During that contestin Las Vegas, James scored 30 points and dished out eight assists in less than three

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Людмила Самсонова

Самсонова с «баранкой» разгромила Хаддад-Майю и вышла в полуфинал турнира в Страсбурге

Подготовительные работы к летнему сезону начались на пляже Любляна Егорьевска

В день защиты детей в парках Подмосковья будут раздавать бесплатное мороженое

Сати Казанова проведет массовую практику Om Сhanting на Первом международном дне медитации

В Балашихе высадили клены в честь героев СВО