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Iranian Authorities Keep Up Pressure On Teachers Over Support Of Protests

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 

Several Iranian teachers have been disciplined or have been called for questioning by authorities for their support of the country's students in their protests against the regime for its crackdown on freedoms and general concerns about eroding living standards in the country.

Five Retired Belarusian Police Colonels Who Condemned Crackdown Detained

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 

The Vyasna human rights center said on February 5 that Belarusian law enforcement has detained five retired police colonels who in 2020 issued a video statement condemning police brutality during a crackdown on protesters who challenged the official result of a presidential poll.

Kyrgyz Activist Extradited From Russia Detained In Disputed Uzbek Border Deal

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 

Kyrgyz activist Kanykei Aranova, who was extradited from Moscow last week, has been placed in preliminary detention until March 22 as part of a case concerning protests against a Kyrgyz-Uzbek border deal that led to the arrests of 27 activists, politicians, and journalists.

Argentina Serves As Safe Haven For Russia's LGBT Refugees

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 

Persecuted and prosecuted in their home country, some members of Russia's LGBT community have been driven abroad -- and hundreds have moved to Argentina, where their civil rights are legally recognized. But some worry that Argentina's new president, Javier Milei, may roll back legal protections.

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