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Navalny Again Placed In Punitive Solitary Confinement By Russian Prison

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The press secretary of imprisoned Russian opposition politician Aleksei Navalny said on February 14 that the outspoken Kremlin critic was again placed in a punitive solitary confinement cell for unspecified reasons just three days after he served a previous 10-day solitary confinement term.

Russian Activist Detained In Nizhny Novgorod On Extremism Charges

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The Operativnyye Svodki (Operative Data) Telegram channel close to Russian law enforcement structures said on February 14 that police detained a former member of the Yabloko opposition party, Mikhail Sharygin, on extremism charges in the city of Nizhny Novgorod a day earlier.

Pakistan Parties Agree On Coalition Excluding Former PM Khan

Radio Free Europe / Radio Liberty 

Pakistan's two main political parties that joined forces to oust Imran Khan as prime minister in 2022 said they would form a new coalition to rule the country, after an election last week failed to produce a decisive winner.

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