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Little Room For Negotiation Between Iran And U.S. Amid Middle East Tensions

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There is little room for negotiation between the United States and Iran to settle their dangerous disputes in the Middle East. Back-channel avenues for discussion are available for the two countries that have not had formal diplomatic ties for more than four decades, but for now each side appears content to deliver explosive messages indirectly. Analysts explain why Washington and Tehran are not about to sit down and work out their differences amid rising tensions.

Bishkek Court Shuts Down Leading Kyrgyz Independent Media Foundation

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Amid an ongoing crackdown on civil society in Kyrgyzstan, the Oktyabr (October) district court in Bishkek on February 9 issued a ruling to liquidate the Kloop Media Public Foundation, the main owner of the Kloop news agency, one of the leading independent media outlets in the country.

Tajikistan Shortens List Of Jobs Banned For Women

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Tajikistan has reduced the number of jobs which it forbids women from doing. The new list still includes 194 professions and types of work that women cannot do, down from the previous 334.

When Tucker Met Vlad: Lies, Omissions, And Baseless Claims

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Tucker Carlson's marathon interview with Russian President Vladimir Putin produced little new. Instead, it was a rehash of Kremlin lies and baseless claims, in which Carlson neglected to mention many inconvenient truths.

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