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Israeli pacifists in devastated kibbutz lose faith

France24.com (en) 

Bachar lost his wife and son in the bloody October 7 attack by Hamas, the single deadliest event in Israel since the country's creation in 1948. "We must destroy the enemy because if we don't we have no possible future," Bachar, who is in his fifties, told AFP. Once a long-time supporter of peace with Gaza, now he is willing only to consider radical solutions to "eradicate" the Islamist Palestinian group that has run the territory since 2007. He rejected any possibility of negotiations, and said... Читать дальше...

Copenhagen vs man united

Small Heath Alliance 

What a game this is. Its had everything. 4 goals a red card and even a pitch invader.

On a serious note though I hope the supporter is ok who was involved in the medical emergency.

Ouch! Why SOFI Stock Short-Sellers Will Have a Hard Landing.


InvestorPlace - Stock Market News, Stock Advice & Trading Tips

SoFi Technologies has good financials overall but still has work to do. Still, the next likely move for SOFI stock will be to the upside.

The post Ouch! Why SOFI Stock Short-Sellers Will Have a Hard Landing. appeared first on InvestorPlace.

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Donald Trump posts are all over the map on Truth Social

Daily Kos 

There has been no respite for the MAGA world. Trump’s bananas testimony on Monday was followed on Tuesday by Republicans losing elections across the country. Trying to keep up the myth that misogyny, homophobia, transphobia, and xenophobia are winning issues has become more and more difficult. On top of that, Ivanka Trump was set to testify in her father’s fraud trial on Wednesday. But don’t you worry—everything is about Donald Trump and only Donald Trump.

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Новости России

В Петербурге задержали новых последователей «азербайджанской мафии», избивающих людей

Спорт в России и мире

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Анна Калинская

Россиянка Калинская победила Гауфф и вышла в полуфинал турнира в Дубае

Смоляне могут помочь в поисках пропавшего на Днепре мальчика

«Уверен в себе»: ответ Путина на дерзкий выпад Байдена поразил немцев

Пашинян рассказал, почему Армения соблюдает антироссийские санкции

Синоптики предупредили жителей Москвы о снеге с дождем 24 февраля