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Turkey's Civil Society Under Threat as Crackdown Scares Away Donors

Voice of America 

Members of Turkey's civil society are voicing concerns for their future as international funding declines. As Dorian Jones reports from Istanbul, significant donors have been ending or cutting back their support after Turkish president Recep Tayyip Erdogan, emboldened by his reelection this year, continues his crackdown on dissenting voices.

Historian debunks claims that Coco Chanel served in the French Resistance

France24.com (en) 

New documents surfaced in September indicating that Gabrielle “Coco” Chanel may have played a double role during World War II, serving not only as an informant for the Nazis but also as a member of the French Resistance. But a historian who has analysed the new evidence says he has “serious doubts” about her alleged membership in La Résistance, suggesting the French fashion icon may have used the documents to restore her reputation after the war.

UN chief: Extension of Gaza truce is 'glimpse of hope'

Raw Story 

UN Secretary General António Guterres has welcomed the two-day extension of the truce between Israel and Hamas, saying it is "a glimpse of hope and humanity in the middle of the darkness of war." The UN chief told journalists in New York on Monday that he hoped the extension would allow more aid to be brought into the Palestinian coastal area. However the additional two-day pause in fighting was not enough to meet all the needs of the people suffering in Gaza, Guterres warned. He went on to say... Читать дальше...

Pentagon Says Somali Pirates Likely Attacked Ship in Gulf of Aden; Yemen Blames Houthi Rebels


by Susan Katz Keating A foiled attack on a commercial vessel in the Gulf of Aden on Sunday may have been the work of five Somali pirates, the Pentagon said, while the government of Yemen blamed Houthi rebels. “We’re continuing to assess, but initial indications are that these five individuals are Somali,” Pentagon spokesperson Brigadier …

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В Петербурге задержали новых последователей «азербайджанской мафии», избивающих людей

Rise and Fall of Medieval Tibetan Empire linked to Climate Change


Between the 7th and 9th centuries AD a new empire emerged in medieval Asia - the Tibetan Kingdom under the Yarlung dynasty expanded its domain in all directions, reaching as far as the Indian Ocean. A new study links their expansion and subsequent downfall to climate change.

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Калинская впервые в карьере войдёт в топ-30 рейтинга WTA

NYT: кампанию США по изоляции России постигла неудача

Должен действовать принцип: «либо выдай Армении, либо суди в России»

Небензя назвал «формулу мира» Зеленского фальшивкой и ультиматумом России

Туляк назвал 3 книги, которые помогли ему пройти в финал игры «Умницы и умники»