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New Mexico Supreme Court reprimands judge who advised prosecutors in case involving his daughter

«SFGate» (sfgate.com) 

The New Mexico Supreme Court has publicly censured a state judge in Las Cruces for providing advice to prosecutors during a 2021 trial of a man accused of pointing an assault rifle at the judge’s daughter. Third District Judge James Martin also was censured for having an inappropriate conversation with the prosecutors after Robert Burnham was convicted of aggravated assault by use of a firearm and for allowing his daughter to wait in his chambers before she testified at the trial, which another judge presided over. Читать дальше...

Dificalt Solitaire - Four Suits Spider

PR soft 

Spider Four Suits Solitaire uses two full decks of 52 cards each including spades, clubs, hearts and diamonds. The game is played using ten stacks, where the top card of each stack is active.
Cards can be stacked one on top of the other, starting with the king and ending with the ace, with th...

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How to stay healthy on a night shift

Marketplace Morning Report 

Graveyard shift workers face higher risk of diabetes, heart disease and obesity due to their unhealthy diet and sleep patterns.

Hezbollah Fires Rockets at Israel After Airstrike Kills 5 of Group's Fighters

Voice of America 

The militant Hezbollah group fired more than 50 rockets at military posts in northern Israel on Thursday, a day after an Israeli airstrike on a home in southern Lebanon killed five of the group's senior fighters.  The waves of rockets sent over the border represented one of the most intense bombardments since Hezbollah started attacking Israeli posts in the country's north at the beginning of the Israel-Hamas war.  Hezbollah has said that by heating up its actions on the Israel-Lebanon border... Читать дальше...

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Армения – бесприданная визитница Евросоюза

Highlights: Miomir Kecmanovic (SRB) v Jack Draper (GBR) - International Tennis Federation

Top Stories (uk) - Google News (com) 

  1. Highlights: Miomir Kecmanovic (SRB) v Jack Draper (GBR)  International Tennis Federation
  2. Davis Cup Finals 2023: Novak Djokovic seals Serbia's win over Great Britain  BBC
  3. Highlights - Norrie v Djokovic - GB v Serbia - Davis Cup Finals 2023 | LTA  LTA
  4. Djokovic sets up mouth-watering Sinner clash in Davis Cup semifinals  Arab News
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Ирина Шиманович

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Большунов и Коростелев выиграли командный спринт на Спартакиаде

Квартальнов: «Динамо» может уступать в мастерстве, но надо бороться, проявлять характер

Авиалайнеры из Петропавловска-Камчатского и Москвы 24 февраля прилетают в аэропорт Владивостока с опережением графика

Не в курсе тела. Почему годами не замечают смерть одинокого человека