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This Free Tool Stops Deepfake Grifters From Stealing Your Voice


Photo Illustration by Luis G. Rendon/The Daily Beast/Getty

It’s a nightmare scenario: You receive a phone call from an unknown number and, when you pick it up, it’s the voice of your loved one frantically telling you they’ve been kidnapped. Although your first instinct is to call the police, they tell you that their kidnappers will kill them soon unless you immediately wire a large sum of money to a bank account. There’s no time to think. What do you do?

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How to Kill a Palestinian State

The New York Times 

A growing fraction of the progressive left is making common cause with some of the worst people on earth.

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Армения меняет герб, а может сменить и флаг

What To Know About Rapidly Spreading ‘Pirola’ Covid Variant BA.2.86—And If Vaccines Offer Protection - Forbes


  1. What To Know About Rapidly Spreading ‘Pirola’ Covid Variant BA.2.86—And If Vaccines Offer Protection  Forbes
  2. CDC reports nearly threefold increase in Covid variant BA.2.86’s prevalence in US  WION
  3. WHO upgrades BA.2.86 to COVID-19 variant of interest as US proportions grow  University of Minnesota Twin Cities
  4. New COVID-19 variant is spreading, poses 'low' public health risk  UPI News
  5. Spread of latest COVID-19 variant is moving faster than estimated — and more... Читать дальше...

Conforming loan limit boosted 5% by FHFA


The hike was driven by modest home price gains this year, following a larger conforming loan limit boost in 2022 in reaction to then-double-digit home price growth.

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Калинская впервые в карьере войдёт в топ-30 рейтинга WTA

Авиалайнеры из Петропавловска-Камчатского и Москвы 24 февраля прилетают в аэропорт Владивостока с опережением графика

Громыхало из Подмышки

Должен действовать принцип: «либо выдай Армении, либо суди в России»

Победители розыгрыша путевок на форуме «Россия» приехали в Хабаровский край