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Новости за 06.02.2024

Jennifer Aniston, the Beckhams and Usher Lose Their Memories in Uber Eats Super Bowl Ad 

Uber Eats' Super Bowl 58 ad mashes together celebrities including Jennifer Aniston and David Schwimmer, David and Victoria Beckham, and halftime performer Usher, all of whom forget key parts of their identities. The brand's fourth consecutive Big Game commercial, created by agency Special Group, will air during the third quarter just after the halftime show....

Popeyes’ Super Bowl Ad Freezes Ken Jeong for 52 Years, Then Makes a Star Out of His Dog 

In 1967, a sketchy tabloid called The National Spotlite ran a story that Walt Disney, who'd died the previous year, had arranged for his body to be kept in cryonic stasis. The story wasn't true--but it wasn't entirely farfetched, either. In the late 1960s and well into the following decade, sufferers of incurable illnesses pinned...

How Honda Aims to Overcome EV Knowledge Gaps Through Educational Marketing 

Honda is one automaker aiming to address gaps in public knowledge around at-home and on-the-go charging options for electric vehicles, as the company rolls out its first all-electric offerings in the U.S. this year. As Honda gears up to launch its all-electric Prologue SUV and Honda-owned Acura plans to release its all-electric TDX, the company...

Bud Light’s Super Bowl Comeback Stars a Genie Who Loves to Party 

After a tumultuous year, Bud Light is attempting to win over fans with a playful Super Bowl 58 ad featuring a genie who grants party wishes. As the Official Beer Sponsor of the NFL, the Anheuser-Busch brand's campaign for the league's biggest weekend unites the magical character with a host of sports and music stars....

French Crowds Give Chase to Try McDonald’s Improved Burgers 

Quick-service restaurant giant McDonald's's is on a mission in France to improve its menu to the point where its burgers are so irresistible that people chase their customers to try them. Created by TBWA\Paris, the 70-second campaign ad named "Chase" features customers chowing down on one of the burgers, including a cop and a hospital...

Ben Affleck Pursues His Pop Star Dreams in Likely Dunkin’ Super Bowl Collaboration 

Ben Affleck went viral during the 2023 Grammys for looking bored and dejected while sitting next to his wife, Jennifer Lopez. A Dunkin' ad released during this year's awards that teases a likely Super Bowl campaign builds on that meme as the actor, director and brand ambassador decides to become a pop star himself. Exaggerating...

Advertisers’ Biggest Predictions for 2024 

As 2024 gets underway with a tumultuous January, one can only imagine what the next 11 months have in store. If the last few years have taught us anything, it's that anything can and will happen. Luckily, we were able to ask some experts to discuss their predictions for the year ahead at ADWEEK's annual...

Could Brands Fix Independent Film’s Funding Problem? 

When writer-director Derek Mari and producer Dan Sima decided to make Crohnie, a short film based on Mari's experiences with Crohn's disease, they had to raise a production budget first. They considered private investments, crowdfunding and product integration deals--common ways independent filmmakers bootstrap productions. Mari and Sima stumbled upon a windfall when they signed a...

Thanks to Gen Z, Deeper Connections Will Become the Currency of the Future 

There are two types of ecommerce: empty and connected. Empty ecommerce gets you to checkout fast but gives no reason to return. Connected ecommerce adds value emotionally, materially or both while delivering the same seamless purchase journey. Why is connection important? Because Gen Z are social shoppers. They use social and websites for inspiration, think...

Paramount Scores Largest Super Bowl Sales Ever, But Not Because of Taylor Swift 

Taylor Swift's effect on the NFL has been an advertising Love Story, but the singer didn't have much impact on Paramount's record-setting Super Bowl 58 ad sales. Though the company hasn't announced its sales total, ADWEEK has learned that Paramount has surpassed Fox's ad sales revenue from last year of around $600 million for the...

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