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Новости за 16.02.2024

How Generative AI Is Changing the Advertising Industry


From shaping consumer experiences to revolutionizing the ad creation process, the integration of generative AI into advertising is rapidly reshaping the industry as we know it. On the latest episode of AIQ presented by Microsoft Advertising, host Cathy Hackl sits down with Microsoft corporate vice president Kya Sainsbury-Carter to discuss how the software giant is...

Caitlin Clark Breaks NCAA Record With Assists From Peacock and State Farm


Caitlin Clark wore an Iowa jersey while breaking the NCAA women's basketball scoring record, but State Farm, Nike, Peacock and other brands and networks were also on her team leading up to her big moment. On Thursday night, No. 22 shattered Kelsey Plum's all-time record of 3,527 career points set in 2017, scoring 49 points...

How Claire’s Left the ‘90s to Reach a New Generation of Youth


For women who grew up in the 1990s or 2000s, retailer Claire's may trigger a wave of nostalgia. Once a fixture of suburban shopping malls, the store was a mecca for tween girls: the place for first ear piercings and a treasure trove of glittery scrunchies, butterfly clips and berry-flavored lip gloss. As those girls...

Embracing Change: How Applebee’s Reinvented Its Marketing


Since its inception in 1980, Applebee's has been a staple of American culture, offering comfort food and a welcoming atmosphere to patrons across the nation. However, like any legacy brand, Applebee's has faced its share of challenges, including a need to adapt to changing consumer preferences and market dynamics. On the latest episode of Marketing...

CeraVe’s Michael Cera Super Bowl Stunt Was a Masterclass in ‘Edutainment’


Like lots of funny things, Ogilvy's Super Bowl campaign for CeraVe started on a Reddit thread, speculating about whether Superbad actor Michael Cera was connected to the brand because of his name. This evolved into an influencer campaign, speculating about Cera's links to the skincare business. The star put in the work too--he was papped...

The Flavor Files: How Spicy Is Truly’s Hot Wing Sauce Hard Seltzer?


Can a hard seltzer spice you out? Truly Hard Seltzer debuted its Hot Wing Sauce hard seltzer, just in time for the Super Bowl. While the company didn't have a traditional advertising spend for the Big Game, it decided to get creative and "crash the party." After testing several iterations (including a ranch-flavored drink), the...

Too Hot for the NFL? Cardi B’s Spicy Ad for NYX Got Neutered for the Super Bowl


Audiences watching Super Bowl 58 on TelevisaUnivision and in the top 10 American markets this past Sunday were supposed to see an NYX ad starring Cardi B and a bunch of goofy guys who had misused Duck Plump lip gloss to enhance their privates. It was a saucy and suggestive story that should have rolled...

Papa John’s Gave Away $58,000 Pizzas During Super Bowl 58


Papa John's didn't air an ad during Super Bowl 58, but the pizza chain did bring its marketing team to Las Vegas for a Super Bowl-themed stunt: delivering a pizza worth $58,000 to two sweepstakes winners, a surprise that involved baking fake money into the crust. At a Las Vegas Papa John's location just off...

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