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Новости за 21.02.2024

The Speed of Culture Podcast: Nissan’s Journey Through Changing Consumer Demands 

Over the past decade, the automotive industry has changed dramatically. First, it was the rise of electric vehicles, but now we are seeing an increase in software-defined vehicles, all driven by consumer needs. To gain insights into how the company is adapting its marketing strategies to align with shifting consumer trends, we spoke to Nissan's...

Fubo Faces ‘Uphill Challenge’ Suing Disney, Fox and WBD Over Sports Streaming Plans 

Fubo could be facing a difficult task in its antitrust lawsuit against major broadcasters The Walt Disney Company, Fox Corp. and Warner Bros. Discovery to derail their joint sports streaming venture. David Gandler, co-founder and chief executive of Fubo, has claimed that the move by the major corporations, announced earlier this month, is anti-competitive and...

Verswire Is Not Your Average Record Label 

Music is everywhere. But not many people are aware of the intricacies behind that music, especially when it comes to marketing, merchandising and touring. For artists in today's world, it is crucial to form a partnership with a label that has their best interests at heart. This is where Sherry Saeedi, founder and CEO of...

Exclusive: ESPN Adds Athletes Unlimited Pro Basketball to Broadcast Roster 

More professional basketball is coming to television. ESPN and Athletes Unlimited, a network of professional women's sports leagues, signed a multi-year renewal deal that adds the pro basketball league to the network, which puts all four AU sports--basketball, softball, lacrosse and volleyball--on ESPN platforms. More than 70 live games across the four sports will air...

Coinbase Wins eBay Auction With $500K Bid for Ads on Liquid Death Packaging 

Progressive Insurance's Dr. Rick made a cameo, Smartwater ad-bombed the proceedings and Dude Wipes declared a premature victory. All in all, Liquid Death's recently concluded eBay auction lived up to its pre-launch hype, resulting in 200-plus bids, a mostly good-natured brand pile-on and a robust social media discussion, with comments actually worth reading. The winner...

Build-A-Bear Hires Known as Creative AOR to Help the Brand Reach Multiple Generations 

Build-A-Bear Workshop, a global brand that appeals to multiple generations, has chosen marketing agency Known as its agency of record for strategy and creative. Known will help Build-A-Bear expand its footprint and integrated consumer communications and build momentum for the brand through compelling content, design, experiences, partnerships and brand expression. The agency is already working...

TelevisaUnivision Shakes Up Upfront With Non-Traditional Event, New Venue 

TelevisaUnivision is switching things up for its TV upfront event. Top line Today, TelevisaUnivision announced that it's returning to upfront week, hosting a non-traditional event at a new venue, HK Hall, on May 14, and transforming the space into a "Casa Cultura." Between the lines This year, the company is leaving Pier 36 for the...

McDonald’s Caters to Anime Fans by Bringing a Fictional Restaurant to Life 

McDonald's is giving anime and manga fans the chance to visit fictional chain WcDonald's with a campaign kicking off Feb. 26 in more than 30 markets around the world. An obvious riff off the "Golden Arches," WcDonald's has appeared in many memorable shows from anime and manga for decades. McDonald's is tapping into the meme...

Exclusive: Amazon to Sunset Freevee, Streamlining Its Ad and Product Efforts 

Amazon is planning to sunset its free, ad-supported television application Freevee in the coming weeks, according to three people familiar with the strategy--part of a broader effort to focus its advertising and product efforts on Prime Video, which launched an ad-supported tier in January. The exact date for the closure depends on a handful of...

This Marketer’s Pottery Is a Love Letter to Chinese Culture 

For Josephine Zhu, the daughter of Chinese immigrants, her Asian-inspired pottery brand Zhuology Ceramics is a love letter to her culture. "Every Chinese kid knows the classic blue and white Qinghua patterns, or the traditional lidded tea mugs their grandmother used to sip from. Memories of these grace my childhood, yet I used to think...

Thayers Is Courting Gen Z With a Centuries-Old Ingredient 

When European explorers reached the Americas in the 1500s, they brought diseases that Indigenous peoples--to their peril--had no immunity to, including measles, smallpox and influenza. So it's no small irony that, for their part, Native Americans shared medical knowledge of great benefit to the Europeans, including a certain medicinal plant with a host of curative...

Here’s What to Know About Walmart Buying Vizio, According to Experts 

Walmart has officially been shopping in the TV aisle, announcing today that it's buying Vizio for $2.3 billion. According to Walmart, the purchase of the TV manufacturer and its SmartCast Operating System (OS), which has more than 18 million active accounts, will enable the company to reach customers in new ways, creating more opportunities to...

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