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Новости за 12.02.2024

Who Won TelevisaUnivision’s Super Bowl Stream? The Ads That Invited the Whole Familia


Historically, when targeting the Latinx market, ads have been dubbed in Spanish over the original English-language ad. For Super Bowl 58, brands like Starbucks, AT&T and Total by Verizon wanted to dig deeper for their moment on the biggest stage in advertising. The game-winning ads on the TelevisaUnivision stream of Super Bowl 58 focused on...

Brands Talk a Big Game About Diversity. Did Super Bowl 58’s Ads Follow Through?


It's not easy to pitch a product and capture a nation's pluralism in 30 seconds, but the e.l.f. Cosmetics ad in Super Bowl 58 was a notable effort. With the inimitable Judge Judy presiding from the bench, "In e.l.f. We Trust"--presented as a legal dispute about spending on overpriced cosmetics--was truly a big tent. Retired...

Exclusive: Prime Video Purrfectly Cures a Grumpy Cat in Latest Brand Spot


While Prime Video may not have had a Super Bowl spot, its marketing department has stayed busy. The streaming service debuted "Ill Terrible Gato," the second spot in its latest brand campaign, "Find Your Happy Place." From media agency Rufus, 15-, 30- and 60-second spots will run on linear and streaming TV, in-cinema, social, digital...

Verizon and Beyoncé Both Win With Super Bowl Album Announcement


Verizon made a Super Bowl ad with Beyonce without announcing a tour or perks for fans. Beyonce used that ad to launch a new album on her website, which never mentioned Verizon. For both, Super Bowl 58 was a win. On a night where rival T-Mobile packed two ads with multiple stars and touted both...

ADWEEK’s Postgame Guide to Super Bowl 58 Ads


Super Bowl 58 would prove dramatic, with the Kansas City Chiefs beating the San Francisco 49ers 25-22 in overtime, the third time the Chiefs have won in five years. And, as ever, brands were also competing for attention through screens across millions of homes and activations around the stadium in Las Vegas beginning well before...

A Definitive List of Super Bowl 58’s Top-Performing Ads


Super Bowl ads aren't cheap, with 30 seconds of screen time costing an average of $7 million. That's why effectiveness is so important for advertisers that hedge their bets on the Big Game. Although the Kansas City Chiefs might have clinched their Super Bowl LVIII victory against the San Francisco 49ers in a nail-biting finale,...

Ashley Furniture Pulled Out All The Sofas For Its Super Bowl Restaurant Takeover


Ashley Furniture came to the Super Bowl this weekend to takeover the Dawg House Saloon & Sports Book inside the Resorts World casino. This is the largest activation in the brand's history around the game, according to its director of brand activation field marketing, Alexa Richardson. It decked the restaurant in its signature orange color...

Adweek Podcast: The Biggest Moments of Super Bowl 58


On a special episode of Yeah, That's Probably an Ad: Super Bowl Edition, community editor Luz Corona and senior podcast producer Al Mannarino get together for the annual recap immediately following the Big Game along with some familiar faces in media and entertainment. First up, deputy TV editor Bill Bradley and senior TV reporter Mollie...

Cheeky Erectile Dysfunction Ad Tells Men They Can ‘Rise Again’


In a battlefield scene heavy on Hollywood-style drama, a group of soldiers gathers in a general's tent, where the news is dire--they're surrounded by enemies, outgunned and outnumbered, and low on supplies. Can defeat be far behind? Instead of suggesting a white flag, the leader rallies his troops by telling them he has been "conveniently...

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