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Новости за 15.02.2024

OpenAI’s Web Search Product Aims to Challenge Google’s Search Supremacy


Google Search could face yet another formidable challenger thanks to OpenAI's latest developments. Top line The ChatGPT maker is working on a web search product partially powered by Microsoft Bing, bringing the startup in more direct competition with Google. The news was first reported by The Information. It's unclear whether this product would be a...

TechMagic Podcast: Tech at the Super Bowl and the Future of Video Games


In this week's episode, host Cathy Hackl and guest host Lee Kebler recap the Super Bowl and the tech they noticed during the show. Kebler finally had a chance to demo the Apple Vision Pro and they discuss the use of AI on the device, as well as how it compares to the Meta Quest...

The Next Era of Subscriptions: 3 Trends Shaping Publishers’ Paid Products


When TechCrunch shuttered its subscription product last month, the abrupt closure rattled the news industry, triggering fears that reader revenue products, and the stability they provide, were at risk of backsliding. But subscription data from multiple firms, as well as interviews with digital subscription experts, proves the opposite, and trends like an uptick in consumer...

The Art of Making Pretzels Part of Every Conversation


You might be wondering how an iconic pretzel brand that's been around for 26 years continues to go viral over and over again. Well, one thing we know to be true is that everyone loves hot, handmade, pretzels. But that's not the only reason why. Auntie Anne's has become a brand on social that takes...

Greenwashing Crackdown Begins on EU Brands Making Vague Eco Claims


European brands and companies will no longer be able to cite weak claims of carbon offsetting as regulations to battle greenwashing practices are tightened. The European Parliament made recommendations to strengthen its legal framework, which, alongside vague net zero and sustainability claims, will also include carbon neutral/reduction claims around products and the banning of brand-owned...

Inside HBO’s Ice-Cold True Detective: Night Country Marketing Stunts


True Detective: Night Country is giving viewers marketing that'll make them stop cold. Premiering almost 10 years to the day of Season 1's debut, the fourth season of True Detective has revitalized the franchise thanks to increasing viewership and marketing stunts that continue to capture fans' imagination. Starring Jodie Foster and Kali Reis, the series...

Coca-Cola and Time Out Made a Global Travel Guide Inspired by Cultural Moments


Coca-Cola partnered with Time Out to create a new travel guide of food destinations inspired by culture and entertainment. The beverage brand and the media company produced an interactive map of "Foodmarks," 413 places around the world that have hosted memorable meals paired with Coke over the decades. The campaign, a continuation of last year's...

Brand Leaders Debate AI Ownership at IAB ALM Marketing Breakfast


If you followed breathless press releases over the past year, you would think that the marketing industry is being radically transformed by artificial intelligence. The reality, debated and explored at ADWEEK's Marketing Vanguard breakfast at the Interactive Advertising Bureau's Annual Leadership Meeting at the end of January, reveals a more complicated reality. While marketing executives...

How The NFL Gave Back to Las Vegas Artisans With Origins Merch Pop-Up


Walanya Vongsvirates considers herself and her small business, Love, Hand and Heart, part of the Las Vegas downtown arts community. She often sets up local pop-ups there to sell her colorful, handmade jewelry. She was surprised last year when she got an unexpected email from the NFL, asking if she'd be interested in creating official...

Creators in Super Bowl Ads Signal a Shift in the Industry


Celebrities have long been the cornerstone of Super Bowl advertising, lending their star power to endorse products and capture the attention of viewers. From iconic faces gracing screens to memorable cameos, celebrities have carved out a significant presence in Super Bowl commercials. However, amid the glittering allure of celebrity endorsements, a new contender has emerged:...

A Rulebook for Reaching the New Mainstream: Super Bowl Edition


Super Bowl LVIII, a new main stage filled with new stories: Las Vegas. The Sphere. The 58th Big Game. $10k tickets. Tay/Trav. Oh yes, 49ers/Chiefs. Knowing the overtime rules. And one more. The thrill of the first time. Sunday saw one of the most important firsts not only for the Super Bowl, but for all...

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